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Each First Person title is based on a corresponding Evolution live table games. For instance, First Person Blackjack is mechanically identical to Evolution Live Blackjack

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Typical live casino games decide the outcome through real cards and/or roulette wheels and such. RNG, on the other hand, means that the titles rely on computer algorithms to determine the result.

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First Person games are a series of RNG-based casino games released by Evolution, starting in 2019. Essentially, these titles attempt to capture the magic of live dealer casino games and repackage it in an RNG format.

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When I ask a question at the end of a post, I always get responses. I do it judiciously, though, as I like to ‘mix it up’ and not always ask for a response.

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I have found that the “be first to leave a comment” has worked sometimes, but possibly intimidated in other circumstances. Yeah, a lot of people would love to be the first to post on popular blogs, but on startups? Not always.

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okay, but seriously – this is something I need to work on. On a number of the blogs that I get paid to write for, I have no idea how many people are reading (since I post, but don’t manage or market the blog) and I’m frustrated when there aren’t comments.

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